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Sex, lies, drugs and thugs.

Two short tales of two black men trying to hold things down, one on the come up the other have to step up and both dealing with the women in their lives. Meet Black then meet DeAngelo two men you'd want on your side through the good and bad because you can always count on black and DeAngelo got you when you're forced deep in the game.


The Life, Lady & Lust




A powerful, thought-provoking book that comes straight from the heart, and written with so much passion and sincerity that it literally leaps off the pages, asking you, the reader, question after question after question and demanding answers.

Kellam emphasizes the importance of good parenting, the foundation and stepping stone to raising good, productive children. As a single mom, raising three, Black males, she knows the importance of being a good parent, putting your children first, and providing good homes and good morals.

Every Black teenager should read Young, Black Males: America's Most Wanted, so they can feel Kellam’s passion, her true love—not just for her sons and her immediate family—for her entire community and the entire Black race. Most importantly, she wants all Young, Black Males to recognize and understand their worth!

ISBN: 978-0-578-13580-9

Retail: $12.00 Trade | eBook: $4.99








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