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Poet Danica Rich

So alive and well, but cracked and broken by the next season. Not only are you beautiful in my eyes, but in tons of others. Just like every good thing in life, it fades away. Your roots were grounded but now you're hanging on by a thread. You can shine like the sun, but when it rains, it pours. You're everyone's favorite gift, but yet you waste your gift. With a little love, you'll bloom ease, just done reject the ones who love you the most. All it takes is faith for a new seed to be planted. Let your petals fall and move on. But for now I wont let your thorns cut me any longer.

* * *

Today I went to school, To learn some new tools. My teachers rule, And my classmates drool. I just said the pledge, As this crazy man comes in on a ledge. We're hiding in the corner, Wonder how much longer. There goes my best friend, We'll meet in the end. I'll never forget this day, I wish it'd just go away. You'll never know when it's your turn to go, Everything happens for a reason though.

* * *

When I’m in fear,

You tell me what I need to hear,

“Your mama still loves you, dear.”

When I need to talk,

You’re there listening, like a hawk.

You encourage me to do my best,

And never worry about the rest.

You’re so bubbly and bright,

Always doing what’s right.

You’re great at what you do,

Someday, I wanna’ be like you.

I know you’ll always be there for me,

Anytime when I need you to be.

You help me cope,

Simply giving me hope.

Thank you so much,

For this huge touch,

You’ve made on me,

I love you, Wendy!




Streets of Hell…
By Tabitha Trotter

I am an addict off the streets of hell not knowin how to live or
wantin to tell. The shame and the guilt for the things I have done,
kept me insane with nowhere to run,
all the days of hunger and the sleepless nights,
in order to survive I had to stand up and fight.
I had people who cared, worried day and night
not knowing how to help me, needless to say in any kind of way
lots of things lost besides respect, dignity, and pride,
what about my loved ones and the babies that cried.
Them streets of hell is anything but a joke,
full of different drugs from heroin to coke.
Then the Lord helped me, came out of me one day,
Just wanting it to end in some kind of way.
Not long after that, I came to jail looking sickly, pitifully,
and yes, looking like hell.
But today I am learning that it feels good to smile
and the ones that cared can now rest for a while,
knowing that yet again I have truly been blessed by the best.
And today I no longer hurt the babies that cried,
and I can stand up and be a mother this time with pride.
Today I am learning to live life on lifes terms and wanting to tell.
However I am still an recovering addict off the streets of hell.




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